Viadellafucina16 – Kaninchen-Haus


Deadline: June 25, 2017 (Italian Time Zone)

Where: Turin, Italy

Period: 1 to 4 weeks (from July to December)

Cost: none, no application fee

Media: various media and disciplines

Keywords: Intervention, community, engagement, sharing

Age: born after November 15, 1980.

Offered by the residency: an accommodation, insurance coverage, travel expense, the costs of the production  (up to a ceiling of 1500 euros) , meals, technical assistance, tutoring and curatorship, studio visits programme with local institutions, curators, gallerists, art collectors and other artists, the organization of workshops, exhibitions and collateral events which engage the local community

Facilities: “It is possible to propose any kind of intervention to be carried out in the common spaces of the condominium-museum: the entrance door; the hall; the garden; the terrace; the lodge and the residence spaces; the five floors stairs,  as well as operations that can involve the community of the stable and the neighborhood and that can transform the relations between its inhabitants.”

Required Documents for Application:

  • description of the project
  • drafts or preparatory drawings
  • operating modes of community involvement; curriculum and statement; portfolio; indication of techniques and materials
  • a forecast of the production budget; possible co-funding implementation for the realization of the project (grants, scholarships, sponsorships, etc.)



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